US dollar

The Sri Lankan rupee hit an all time low on Monday and this marks the 10th straight time in recent history. The Friday record of 161.55 was exceeded by the new record of 161.65 earlier on Monday and closed at 161.60/70 per dollar. The value of the Sri Lankan rupee declined 1.2 percent last month, and the market shows a...

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john mccain

John McCain, Americans Mourn A Hero’s Passing

John McCain, a republican senator (Arizona) and considered a beloved hero by many Americans was laid to rest after a five-day procession at the U.S Naval Academy. The Senator has been battling with brain cancer for few months and died peacefully on Aug.25th in Arizona, U.S.A. The funeral was attended by three former presidents, republican George W. Bush, and democrats...

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Mohamed Nizamdeen

Sri Lankan Man in Custody for Terror Charges in Sydney

A 25 year old Sri Lankan man named Mohamed Nizamdeen, who is in Australia on Student Visa, was arrested by the counter-terrorism unit at the University of NSW in Kensington, on a recent turn of events.   According to the police, the alleged suspect is charged with possessing documents, a notebook, that supposedly held detailed information on plans of terrorist...

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Sri Lankan president Maithripala Sirisena

President Says NO to Possible Salary Increase…

At an event on Saturday, the president Sirisena vehemently refused to allow a pay increase to the parliamentarians in Sri Lanka. The presidents stern assurance to put a stop to the notion of salary increase comes in the wake of media reports of a salary increase discussion happened at a party leaders meeting, that was held on the 17th of...

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Injured Student from Bangladesh Unrest

Bangladesh Unrest: Roaring Students fights for the Road Safety.

Bangladesh teenage students are out on the street since July 29th, demanding better roads safety and justice for the two fellow students got killed in Road accident on near Dhaka International AirPort. Nationwide Protest that forced government authorities to shut down almost all the high schools in the country escalated to death, rape and assault filled violence battlefield by Saturday...

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SriLankan Airlines

Sri Lankan Airlines Welcomed a New Airbus A321NEO

Sri Lankan Airlines fleet will expand with a new Airbus A321NEO aircraft that will arrive today (Monday, July 30th, 2018) Ordered by the previous government, listed as $114.9/per Unit Price by Airbus, manufactured in Hamburg Germany, will be deployed for passenger services within two days from arrival. A321 NEO built for short distance travel is one of the Airbus Beluga...

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Sri Lanka U20 Men's Volleyball Team

AVC Spikes Sri Lanka U 20 Volleyball Team with Injustice

The Lanka Post Exclusively learns on the final day of the Preliminary rounds of the 19th Asian Men's U20 Volleyball Championship, Asian Volleyball Federation (AVC) has dealt Sri Lankan Junior Volleyball (U-20) team a devastating blow of Grave Injustice. Original Draw approved by AVC technical Committee 5 months before the tournament highlights that the group winners don't have to play...

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Election Violence in Pakistan

Pakistan Drenched in Election Day Violence

Pakistan’s general election day is being marked with violence that is shaking the country to its core, leaving 31 dead. Amid the election violence, the votes are still being counted, but according to unofficial results the world renown former Cricket player Imran Khan’s party (PTI) is in the lead by a fair margin. In an interesting twist the former Prime...

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Death Penalty In Sri Lanka

Survey out: Sri Lankans are Divided on the death penalty.

A majority of Sri Lankans back the death penalty, but as a nation, Sri Lankans are divided on the issue. The Lanka Post latest survey shows that Sri Lankans are much more skeptical of the death penalty in Sri Lanka than government leaders. While (41.2%) oppose the death penalty, nearly (43%) support it. Interestingly, the majority of Sinhalese and Tamils...

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WhatsApp to Tackle Mob Killings

WhatsApp is trying to tackle the spreading of false information, which has led to mob killings in India recently, by introducing strict guidelines. According to the new guidelines, WhatsApp will allow forwarding messages only five times each, and the “Quick forward” feature, which gives the user the ability to send photos, links, and videos to a large number of people at...

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