Media Bias

She is not to blame, But The New York Times is!

It is disturbing to see The New York Times double standard and the neglect of journalistic ethics in the investigative article, “How China got Lanka to cough up Hambanthota.” Clearly, by using a journalist who is a part of Sri Lankan government-run media arm Sunday Observer as one of the main contributors for this article, The New York Times not...

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priyani jayasinghe

BREAKING: Singer Priyani Jayasinghe Stabbed to Death

Sri Lankan Singer Priyani Jayasinghe has been found dead at her home. A police spokesperson has confirmed that the singer was found stabbed to death in the town of Panadura, in Kalutara District, around 27km south of Colombo. The murder is believed to have been committed using a pair of scissors. Follow us on bloglovin

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Vijayakala Maheswaran

Maheswaran’s Raw Footage! Court grants police request

The Colombo Chief Magistrate Ranga Dissanayake ordered five television stations to produce raw footage of the controversial public speech made by a former State Minister, after considering a report produced by the Police Organized Crime Investigation Division of Colombo, yesterday. According to a police complaint lodged by the organizer of Sihala Ravaya, a religious activist group, the former State Minister...

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Ricardo Hausmann

Sri Lanka can create jobs, boost exports, by moving brains

Many advanced nations from Singapore to the US have open policies that allow people to migrate easily bringing knowledge and skills to transform economies and create new jobs, a top Harvard economist said. Allowing brains to move brings skills in faster, and tends to have a multiplier effect in jobs and economic activity, Ricardo Hausmann, from the University of Harvard,...

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food tax sri lanka

High Food Taxes driving cost of living – Advocata Institute

Advocata Institute is launching a project to monitor import tariffs on food, with weekly updated figures available on the institute’s website as a “Food Tax Tracker” Sri Lanka has high food costs. Consumer prices are 25.22% higher (and grocery prices 34.48% higher) than in India according to data gathered for August 2017 by Numbeo, a crowd-sourced database. One reason for...

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